Available to Customize

Unique Gift Ideas: Please scroll to the bottom for details. I can paint a unique gift or keepsake from this page for you, and I can also paint any item that you already have that needs refurbishing.

I can paint a design that you request or I can suggest a decoration for you. Let’s work together to create a unique gift ideas.

Painted Silver: You’re welcome to choose from among these silver-plated pieces that I have. I’m also happy to paint any pieces that you already have.

Painted Rocks: Because every rock is different, your piece will be one-of-a-kind. If you have a specific shape in mind, I’ll do my best to meet your requests.

Sizes: Indicated by the pink yardstick in each photo; I’ll give you more specific measurements upon request.

*Prices: vary according to piece, starting as low as $15.00 (does not include shipping & handling). May be adjusted depending on the complexity of the painted design.

Each item priced and sold as a finished, painted piece, customized to your specifications.